Allah (God) Is The One, No God Who Has The Right Worshiped But Allah

Teaching About Tawheed (Monotheism) In Islam

Tawhid (توحيد) is the concept of Islamic aqeedah which states the oneness of God.
Monotheism divided into three kinds namely tawheed rububiyah, uluhiyah, dan Asma wa Sifat. The practice of monotheism and away from Syirik is a consequence of the syahadatain (sentence creed) which Has swore by a Muslim.

Status Of Tawheed (Monotheism) In Islam
A Muslim believe that monotheism is basic most sublime of Islam and the great nature of Islam and is one of the requirements is conditions receipt charitable deeds in addition must in accordance with the guidance of the prophet of God .

Arguments Of Koran About Virtue & Majesty Of Monotheism.
Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa has said:
(Surat an-Nahl: 36)
(Surah At-Tawbah: 31)
(Surah Az Zumar: 2-3)
(Surah Al Bayinah: 5)

The Words Of Islamic Scholars About Tawhid (Monotheism)
Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah has said: “People who would do tadabur (observing, studying nature and interpret the signs which are given) circumstances the nature will find that sources goodness on this earth is do tawheed, and worship to Allah (God) Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa and obedient to the Messenger of Allah sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Conversely all ugliness in the face of this earth; slander, disaster, famine, controlled by the enemy, and others the cause is hostile Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam and preaching (invited) to besides Allah (God) Subhaanahu Ta’aalaa Wa. People who do tadabur (observing, studying nature and interpret the signs which are given) this with in truth will find reality like this either in itself and outside of himself “(Majmu’ ‘Fatawa 15/25)

Because in reality so and influence-impact this admirable then Satan is being the fastest (in business) to destroy and destroying it. Invariably working for debilitating and dangerous for monotheism. Satan do it day and night with a variety of ways as expected yielded the results.
If satan does not work (plunge into) syirik akbar, satan will not despair for plunge into syirik (polytheism) in variety the will and lafadz (pronounced by humans). If still too did not succeed, then he would plunge into variety innovation and superstition. (Al Istighatsah, the work of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah p. 293, see Muqaddimah Fathul Majiid tahqiq DR Walid bin Abdurrahman bin Muhammad Ali Furayaan, p. 4)

The Division Of Tawhid (Monotheism)
1. rububiyah
Faith that just Allah the only Lord, who has to plan, create, manage, maintain, giving sustenance, provide benefits, refused to harm, as well, keeping the entire Universe.
As there is in Koran Surah Az Zumar, paragraph 62 :”……”.
It like this admittedly by all men no one who would deny it. The people who denies this as the atheists, in fact they are reveal their disavowal simply because their arrogance. In fact, far inside their hearts, they admit that no this universe there was except no one has made, and set it up. They simply lied to their own conscience. This as it were the word of God :”…..”( Ath-Thur: 35-36)

However recognition someone on Tawheed rububiyah, it is not make someone is a Muslim, because indeed the idolaters of Quraysh who fought Rasulullah acknowledge and believe this kind of monotheism. As word of God, “…..'” (Koran Surah Al-Mu’minun: 86-89).

2. Uluhiyah / Worship
Faith that only Allah who has the right worshiped, no allied to him. “….” (Koran Surah Ali Imran: 18). Believers on uluhiyah Allah is the consequence of faith against rububiyah Him. Oneness of God in all kinds of worship which we do. Like prayer, prayer, nadzar, slaughtering, resignation, repentance, hope, love, fear and various kinds of worship. Where we have to mean purpose from all of the service only to God. This monotheism, which is the core mission of the prophets and messengers of god from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad pbuh and is monotheism which is denied by the idolaters of Quraysh. This as it were which was spoken Allah about their words were “….” (Koran Surah Sad: 5). In this verse, the idolaters of Quraysh deny if for the purpose of various kinds of worship only intended for God. Because of this denial, then they considered infidels (kafeer) by Allah and His Messenger, though they admit that only Allah is the Creator of the universe.

Because all the prophets teaches tawheed (monotheism) and Oneness of God in all kinds of worship which they did like prayer, prayer, nadzar, slaughtering, resignation, repentance, hope, love, fear and assorted other worship, then they are muslims.

3. Asma wa Sifat
Faith that God having great names and properties (Beautiful Names and Attributes) as appropriate with his majesty. Muslims know 99 Beautiful Names and Attributes which is the name as well as the nature of God.

Teaching About Tawheed (Monotheism) From Jesus In GOSPEL And TORAH

In Bible Matthew 4:10 mentioned :

“Then Jesus said to him:” Get behind me, Satan! For it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve! ”

Note also In Koran surah Ali ‘Imran:51

إن الله ربي وربكم فاعبدوه هذا صراط مستقيم

51. “Verily, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. This is the straightway. “(Surat Aal e’ Imran: 51)

In another verse Jesus deliver testimony directly from his mouth when asked for with the Sadducees that the Lord our God and God is One! One means no partner for God.

Note the words of Jesus in verse below:

Mark 12:28-32

All the verses of the Bible in variety language too shows that Jesus deliver witness that God is the One, not Trinity (God the Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ). Jesus give testimony that God is the One, because in his era is still alive never he said taught understood the Trinity (God the Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ). In fact, Jesus to remind that he was simply a servant of God still it should be prostrate and praying like other people to God. Understanding the Trinity (God the Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ) is actually a new emerging in, in 325 AD when the conference (Council) of Nicaea by the king Constantinae. The Trinity is not teachings of Jesus, but the teachings of the king Constantinae. The people of Christian now are not a followers of Jesus.

According to historical records, before the prophet Jesus was born, Medeterania community belonging trust already ingrained worship the Sun God. According to their beliefs gods like save and redeem the sin of man with incarnate became man, the son of god. This god child was born on Sundays (Sunday; sun = sun; day = day), 25 December. In Persian the son of the sun god called Mithra, in Syrians named Tammuz, in Greece named Dyonisus, in Egypt called Osiris, and others.

Meanwhile, the Jewish people, just trust God as the only God the Creator of the universe. At first the prophet Ibrahim (ancestor of Arab nations and Israel) is a Semitic language, calling Lord: God or Eloah. After the death the Prophet Sulaiman (King Solomon), Israel broken into two, northern Israel called God the elohim (God Almighty); southern Israel (Judea) after destroyed Nebudkadnezar (Babylon) and because threats from ruler of the country destroyer then they disguise name God being YHWH (Yahweh), in Arabic language means “yaa huwa ‘(ya he).

People of Essenes like the prophet Zechariah, the prophet Yahya, and prophet jesus always follow the teachings of the prophet Abraham and enforce law of torah of the prophet Moses Alaihisalam. Thus, they too undergo circumcision, prayer, and ablution (purification), and prostrate in prayer like done allMuslims until at this time.

As represented, mentioned, in, Bible Luke 1:59
Mentioned in the Bible Exodus 40:31-32;
Mentioned in the Bible Luke 2:21;
Mentioned in the Bible Numbers 20:14;
Mentioned in the Bible Genesis 17:3;
Mentioned in the Bible Psalm 95:6;
In the Bible Matthew 26:39, Mark 14:35, Luke 22:41-42 mentioned;
Mentioned in the Bible Matthew 5:18;

Jesus Teach Two Sentences Creed (syahadat) and Confess He is only a Messenger of God, Evidence That God Is the One

Read Bible John 17:3

Note: Jesus confess with be honest and innocently that the only God the true is Allah Almighty and he simply is a messenger of God. This, then Jesus taught two-sentence creed (syahadatain), that if translated into Arabic language means “Asyhadu anla ilaaha illallahu, wa asyhadu anna Isa rasulullah“.

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