All Prophets & Messengers of God Are Muslims

Definition : The Prophet

The Prophet is a man which was given revelation by God with a shari’ah however not ordered to deliver however practice it alone without any necessity to deliver it.

Al-Qur’an calls some people as the prophet. The first prophet is Adam, whereas the prophet at the same time the last apostle is the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Believe to the prophets and the apostles is one Pillars of Faith on the religion of Islam.

In Islam, there are many prophets however which must it is known simply 25 prophets and 4 among others is the recipient of Scripture:

1. David (Zabur / Psalms),
2. Moses (Torah),
3. Jesus (Injil / the gospel),
4. Muhammad (Koran).

In the Shari’a of Islam (Islamic law), Prophet Muhammad is as Khataman Nabiyyin or Seal of the Prophets. As explained In Kor’an on Surah Al-Ahzab verse 40:

Definition : The Apostle of Allah (The Messenger Of Allah)

The Apostle of Allah (Messenger of Allah) is a person who gets the revelation of God with, a shari’ah and he ordered to deliver and do it. Every apostle surely is a prophet, however not every prophet is an apostle. Thus, the sum of the prophets more than the apostles.

According to Islamic law, the sum of apostles there were 312 persons in accordance with hadith already mentioned by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH that was narrated by At-Turmudzi.

From Abi Zar ra that the Prophet Muhammad said when asked about the number of the prophets “(The number of the prophets) is 124,000 prophets.” “Then, what were the Apostles between them?” He replied, “312”. Hadith, history, At-Turmuzy.

According to the koran, Allah has transmit many prophets to humanity. However an apostle has degrees higher because become led of the people, while the prophet does not have to be leaders. In between, the apostle who had nickname Ulul Azmi is Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad. Them, it is said has the highest rank among the apostles.

From the Al-Quran and Hadith mentioned some the name of the prophets at the same time the apostle among them namely:

  1. Idris, was sent to Children of Cain, in Babul, Iraq and Memphis.
  2. Noah was sent to Children of Rasib in southern Iraq.
  3. Hud was sent to people of ad who lives in Al-Ahqaf, Yemen.
  4. Saleh was sent to people of Thamud in the Arabian Peninsula.
  5. Ibrahim was sent to the Nation Kaldaniyyun Chaldeans in Ur, Iraq.
  6. Lut was sent to the country of Sadūm and Amūrah in Sham, Palestine.
  7. Ishmael was sent to Qabilah of Yemen, Mecca.
  8. Isaac was sent to Kanʻān in the region of Al-Khalil, Palestine.
  9. Yaqub was sent to Kanʻān in the Sham.
  10. Joseph was sent to the Hyksos and Kanʻān in Egypt.
  11. Ayyub was sent to the Children of Israel and the Nations Amoria (Aramin) in Horan, Syria.
  12. Syu’aib was sent to the Nation of Rass, the land of Midian and Aykah.
  13. Moses and Aaron were sent to the children of Israel in Egypt.
  14. Zulkifli was sent to the Nation of Amoria in Damascus.
  15. Jonah was sent to the Assyrians in Ninawa, Iraq.
  16. Ilyas was sent to the Phoenicians and the children of Israel, in Ba’labak Sham.
  17. Elisha was sent to the Children of Israel and people of Amoria in Panyas, Sham.
  18. Uzayr was sent to the Children of Israel.
  19. David was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  20. Sulaiman was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  21. Daniyal was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  22. Shamu`ayl was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  23. Sham`un was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  24. Zacharia, was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  25. Yahya was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  26. Yusha was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  27. Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel in Palestine.
  28. Muhammad was a prophet & the last apostle, who was sent in the Arabian Peninsula to all mankind and jinn.

Meanwhile, Adam and Syits sent previously only class as a prophet not as an apostle, because they have not people and no the obligation to deploy the minutes which they believe. Meanwhile the Prophet Khidr, a prophet who is considered mysterious, he do not known further to whom he was sent.

 Difference : The Prophet & Messenger

Prophets and Apostles is human beings of choice serving giving guide to man about the oneness of Allah Almighty and foster them in order carry out his teaching. The characteristics of them put forward in the Qur’an,

 “… “(Koran Surah al-Ahzab: 39).

 The difference between the prophets and messengers are: a prophet received revelation from God for himself, whereas the Apostle received revelation from God Almighty in order delivered to all his people.

 The Prophets and Apostles have 4 compulsory nature, and 4 the impossible nature, namely:

  1.  Siddiq (really), and impossible Kizib (lie).
  2. Amanah (trustworthy), and impossible betrayal (cheating).
  3. Tabliqh (Delivering revelation to his people), and impossible Kitman (conceal Revelation).
  4. Fathonah (clever / smart),  and impossible Jahlun (Stupid).

In addition having 4 compulsory nature, and 4 the impossible nature, the Prophets and Apostles too had 1 Casinos properties, namely:

 1.       Aradhul Basyariyah (properties as humans like eat, sleep, etc.).

In this world many prophets and messengers had revealed however is mandatory it is known by the Muslims is as many 25 the prophets and messengers, namely:

  1. Nabi Adam alaihi salam
  2. Nabi Idris alaihi salam
  3. Nabi Nuh alaihi salam (Noah)
  4. Nabi Huud alaihi salam
  5. Nabi Shaleh alaihi salam
  6. Nabi Ibrahim alaihi salam (Abraham)
  7. Nabi Ismail alaihi salam (Ishmael)
  8. Nabi Luth alaihi salam
  9. Nabi Ishaq alaihi salam
  10. Nabi Ya’qub alaihi salam
  11. Nabi Yusuf alaihi salam (Joseph)
  12. Nabi Syu’aib alaihi salam
  13. Nabi Ayyub alaihi salam
  14. Nabi Dzulkifli alaihi salam
  15. Nabi Musa alaihi salam (Moses)
  16. Nabi Harun alaihi salam (Aaron)
  17. Nabi Daud alaihi salam (David)
  18. Nabi Sulaiman alaihi salam (Solomon)
  19. Nabi Ilyas alaihi salam
  20. Nabi Ilyasa alaihi salam
  21. Nabi Yunus alaihi salam
  22. Nabi Zakaria alaihi salam (Zacharia)
  23. Nabi Yahya alaihi salam
  24. Nabi Isa alaihi salam (Jesus)
  25. Nabi Muhammad shalallahu alaihi wa salam (Mohammed)

All Prophets Are Muslims

Throughout of history, God has sent his Apostles to mankind. The apostles of God calling on the whole human beings to the straightway and convey his teachings to them. However, at present there is a belief which develops that what which revealed through the apostles to man is different religions. This is a bad argument. Religion which revealed Allah the man at times different is the same. For example, Prophet Jesus has delete any ban which was brought by older religions. However, there was no significant difference in the teachings of the religions the revealed God. What who has revealed told before the apostles to the Prophet Moses, Prophet Jesus, and the Prophet Muhammad pbuh in essence is the same :

” ….. ” (Koran Surah Aal e Imran: 84-85)

As in writing in verse, true religion which is derived for mankind is Islam. What are we understand from koran is that all the apostles calling his people to same way, ie Tawheed (no god who has the right worshipped but God, in Arabic language is ‘La ilaha illallah’). God illustrates this fact, in his verse:

” ….. ” (Koran Surah asy-Syu’araa’: 13)

God has sent his Apostles to deliver this religion the only the religion which is blessed by him, to the whole human beings and later to give warning to, them. Every one, to them sent by God, and to anyone who later called for this religion get load to follow him.

Nevertheless, some communities there are who accept the doctrine however there is also who rejected it. Conversely in some communities, the true religion perverted into false doctrine after the death their apostle.

One community groups who lost of true religion is the Children of Israel. As that is informed in koran, Allah has sent many messengers to the Children of Israel, they have deliver true religion. However, every time they oppose an apostle or after the death of the apostles they were transform true religion shall become a heretical doctrine. In addition, from koran, we know that even when Moses still life was the Children of Israel worship cows made​​ of gold during the absence which briefly only (see letter Koran Surah Taha: 83-94). Once Prophet Moses left, God sent several other prophets to, the Children of Israel to give warning to them and finally of the prophets sent by God was is Prophet Jesus.

Looking at Bible Matthew 15:24

He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.

All his life, Jesus calling his people namely the sons of Israel to live with of religion which is derived by God and warned them to be a true servant of God. He commanded them with the existing doctrine in the Gospel, – the revelation which revealed to him which in part from the teaching still exist in the gospel today. The book to justify the teachings of the Torah – the revelation which revealed to the Prophet Moses which in part his teachings still exist in the Torah or Old Testament which then distorted. Criticized the teachings are not true of the rabbis who are responsible above deterioration true religion Jesus has delete rules made by the rabbis who passed through it they gain benefit personally. He called upon to the Children of Israel for the Oneness of God the ultimate truth and have a certain noble as it were the word of God:

” …..” (Koran Surah Aal e Imran: 50)

After the departure of Jesus, God sent another apostle who came from a tribe which is different so that through his apostle God can down revelation in the form the original religion to the world, and He equip him with a holy book. The apostle was is Prophet Muhammad pbuh and the holybook is Koran, the revelation that is not altered.

Koran destined for all mankind in the world. Whole mankind in all period will get duty faith against this book because they were ordered to follow the teachings of Islam. They will be judged based on the koran on the day of reckoning. In our times, in particular the whole the nation in the world in essence put together and almost into like a tribe that one.

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