Christmas, Evidence Of Christians Worship The Sun God

According to historical records, before the prophet Isa (Jesus) was born, people inland from the Mediterranean belonging trust already ingrained worship the Sun God. According to their beliefs, gods like save and atone for the sins of mankind with incarnate a man of a god. Son of the gods was born on Sundays (Sunday; sun = sun; day = day) December 25. In Persian, the son of the sun god called Mithra, in Syrians named Tammuz, in Greece named Dyonisus, in Egypt called Osiris, and others.

Until now on December 25 is believed by Christians as day of the birth of Jesus (Christmas / birth). Scientifically in fact, year and date of birth of Jesus can not know with certainty. However, On December 25 is not date of birth of Jesus however, date of birth of the sun god. Likewise the birth of Jesus is not appropriate in the first year of the solar year.

Drs. M. E. Duyverman writing as follows:

“Very likely his birth falls on 6 or 7 years before Christ.”

Ds. B. J. boland writing as follows:

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