Adam (Hebrew: אָדָם; Arabic: آدم, mean land, people, or light brown) (about 5872-4942 BC), is believed by Islam as first man with his wife who named Eve. According to Islam, they were the parents of all human beings which exist in the world.

Adam according to Islam
Adam live as long as 930 years after the creation (about 3760-2830 BC), whereas Eve was born when Adam aged 130 years. Al-Quran loading the story of Adam in several surah, among them Surah Al-Baqarah :30-38 and Surah Al-A’raaf :11-25. He gets title from God, namely “Safi Allah”.

According to Islamic teachings, the children of Adam and Eve was born a twin that is every baby boy born simultaneously with a baby girl (twins). Adam married his son with his daughter who is a twin with her.
According to Ibn Humayd, Salamah, Ibn Ishaq, the children of Adam is:

  1. Cayn and his sister
  2. Abel and Labuda
  3. Ashut and his sister
  4. Seth and Hazura
  5. Ayad and his sister
  6. Balagh and his sister
  7. Athati and his sister
  8. Tawbah and his sister
  9. Darabi and his sister
  10. Hadaz and his sister
  11. Yahus and his sister
  12. Sandals and his sister
  13. Baraq and his sister

Total all sons of Adam is 40 twins.


  • Syits/Seth twin Azura
  • Habil/Abel twin Labuda/Abudah
  • Qabil/Qhabil twin Qalima/Iqlima

Ibn Abi Hatim from Urwa ibn al-Zubayr said that Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya’uq and Nasr is including son of Adam. Wadd is the oldest of them and the most pious among them.

The form of Adam
According to the hadith of Muhammad, that was narrated by Imam Bukhari, Adam has body posture with height 60 hasta (approximately 27.432 meters). Hadith about this too found in narrated by Imam Muslim and Imam Ahmad however in different sanad.
According to Islam, Adam is a perfect human being, walking upright on two feet, dressed which closes genitalia, speaking fluent with millions vocabulary. He is a prophet who received revelation from God and specifically Shari’a for man at that time. However, he is not a messenger of God because he do not sent to certain people.

The figure of Adam pictured very civilized, have high science, and he is not ancient creatures. He is a creatures the inhabitants of heaven full advanced civilization. Down to earth can say as a Man of a civilization much more advanced and much more intelligent because that is God appointed him as `khalifah`(leader) in the earth and he say the newest types of creatures in earth which before yet never been there.
In the picture, he is a creature which is very smart, very honored by God, has excess which is perfect in comparison other creatures before him and created in the best form (created by God as The most perfect creature). In accordance with Koran Surah Al-Israa ‘verse 70.

And Surah At-Tiin ‘verse 4.

Based on the story in the Qur’an, when the Prophet Adam finish created by God, the angels prostrate to him the command of God because his glory and his intelligence, making him the creature which had very high degree in the middle creatures that ever existed. Not at all, different away from illustration early humans of Charles Darwin which is described walking with four legs and being ancient creatures dressed sober (of course the theory of tawheed/faith so far in contrast with, the theory of evolution). The teachings of Islam, put it down in the Pillars of Faith.

The creature on the Earth before Adam
According to Islamic law, the first man do not created on earth but unloaded on earth as a Man and appointed/designated by God as “khalifah” (successor) in the earth, or as a Creature that replaces which of course there are other creatures which are replaced with in other words is Adam ‘not being the First’ on earth but he is ‘The First Human’ in the teachings of Islam and God do not say for change man before him but being a substitute which had made damages and spilling blood on the earth, it is becomes in anger of the angels.
Before the presence of humans has been many people which consists of Angels, Jin, Animals, Plants, and so, because in the koran the creation of God called also with word “ummah”. In accordance with Koran surah Al An’am verse 32.

From Koran surah al-Baqarah verse 30, many invite question, who is creature did the damage which meant by angels on paragraph above. In literature archeology, based fossil found indeed any other creatures before man. They are almost like man but having characteristics which are very primitive and not cultured.
Volume of their brains smaller than humans, therefore their ability to speak is very limited because not many vowel sounds which could they ring. Group of these creatures then called by the archaeologists as Neanderthals.
For example, Pithecanthropus Erectus possess volume of brain about 900 cc, while Homo sapiens has volume of brain over 1000 cc (brain of monkey maximum amounting to 600 cc). So from that can be taken the conclusion that since 20,000 years ago have been there this being who has the ability intellect who approached thinking ability of human at era before the arrival of Adam.

Commentators of the Koran and Hadith
Surah Al Hijr verse 27 explains about being before man is the Jin

The Creation of Adam as “the caliph” on the earth
Regarding the creation of Adam as the Caliph on earth revealed in the Koran Surah Al-Baqarah verse 30.
The name of the creature which revealed by archaeologists above then is associated on opinion experts of mufassirin. One among others is Ibn Jazir in the book of tafsir Ibn Kathir said: “What is meant by creature before Adam was created is Al Jan who like do riots.”
According to one narrators of hadith who named Thawus al-Yamani, one residents as well ruler/leader on the earth is from the class of jinn.

There are also who says that had there 3 major community before Adam. 2 among others from the jinn, whereas 3rd is from a class different from Jin because they are bloody and fleshy.


Once Allah (God) subhana wa ta’ala creating the earth with the mountains, the oceans and sea-grown-vegetation, creating the sky with the sun, the moon and the stars which shine, creating his angels, is a kind of supernatural being who created to worship became intermediary between God Almighty with his servants especially the apostles and prophets, then comes will God Almighty for create another kind of creature which will inhabit and filling the earth nurture enjoy, grow-vegetation, manage wealth, hidden in it and breed and hereditary inheritance inherit all time who had destined for him.

The Concerns of Angels

The angels when notified by God Almighty will his will created other creatures they are worry if the will of God created other creatures because their negligence in worship and run task or because of offenses they do without it is realized. So Says they to God Almighty: “O our Lord! what For God created other beings besides us when we always glorify, praise, conducting worship and glorify your name non-stop whereas the creature which God will create and down into the earth was undoubtedly will fight one with another would, kill each other, scrambling control natural resources can be seen above and buried in it so will occurs damage and destruction above the earth which God created it. “

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