The Definition Of The Caste
Caste from Portuguese language is the division of society.
In Hinduism, the term Caste referred to Color (Sanskrit: वर्ण; Varna). The root of the word “color” derived from Sanskrit vrn which means “to choose (a group)”. In the teachings of Hinduism, status of a person acquired in accordance with his work.
Caste or color pose Division of humans in the community of Hinduist becomes:
• Brahmin, is spiritual community groups; Sulinggih, priests and clergy.
• Knights, is government agencies community groups.
• Vaishya, community groups of workers in the economic field
• Sudras, community groups who serve / help the three colors above.

Meanwhile outside the system Chess of Color, there is also a term:
• The Pariah, an outcast group which is considered contemptible because been done a big mistake.
• The candala, group of people who came from Marriages Inter Color


No Caste In Islam
Brotherhood of Islam covering all categories of society. then there is not a party of men higher than the other party. Should not property, position, nasab, or social status, or whatever being cause arrogant most of the people from some of the others.
A judge (the government) is the brother of the people.
Sayyid (skipper) is brother for gave him permission, though special conditions sometimes force his helper for in under his control.
The aghniya ‘, fuqara’, laborers, employees, people hired is brothers between in part with some of the others. So, no chance (the opportunity) for they in shade the teachings of Islam-to the occurrence,of social conflict or class resentment.
Castes is Nothing in the community of Islam as it is known in the West on medieval. Where, is known that class scholars and the horsemen, the bishops, and another, that is the right inherit to determine values traditions, and applicable law.
In Islam, the Arabs and non-Arab is brother. Black man and non-black man is brother.
Prophet Muhammad pbuh was said: “O people, verily your father is one, and indeed your father is one. Know, ther is not excellence Arabs above non-Arab, nor non-Arab above the Arabs as well not all of blacks above red-skinned people. What distinguishes is his taqwa (fear to god). “(Narrated by Ahmad).Basically, in Islam all human beings are the same. Therefore may not exist discrimination top bottom whatever except his taqwa (fear to God Almighty). Islam firmly reject the existence of human domination against other human beings. Because, it is the root of the cause of all evil and ugliness in the world either directly or indirectly. In the community of Islam, all humans gain status and treatment the same in the life of the community.

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