The Property Would Not Taken Dead

The Definition Of Property
The Property is anything which is owned by humans. “At best treasure is that is on a pious man.” (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim). Treasure the blessing is treasure cherished by God, do not have much, little but a blessing, better than a lot but not a blessing. For obtain, blessings of wealth must Halal (kosher), because God do not maybe bless Haram (forbidden) treasure.
In essence property having nature contradictory. Sometimes it can save owner, however not a few anyway is harmful. Therefore, Islam has been set how human in particular a Muslim can use property owned that in order useful for the life of the world and the hereafter. Not yet complete, if treasure it is simply enjoyed for the interests of the worldly, and altogether no influential in the life of the hereafter. Both of them must have a balanced portion.

The Property Is Not A Purpose Of Life
Property is not a purpose of life. Not a cause to achieve happiness. If someone puts treasure as purpose of life and think everything. then, he will often gain difficulty than peace of heart.
The purpose of life, is worship God and implement the obligations it. Meanwhile, property which we have is means to support implementation the obligations it. We worship need treasures. People will not be able to build mosques, sympathize orphans, tithing, alms, and go to hajj without supported by the, property.
Sometimes people be crazy because property. He Drudge and squeezing sweating do not know day or night, do not know friend or foe, origin destination is reached. If treasure already to get he like more and much more … and, like continue to grow. Busy of life hunting treasure make himself forgetting against liabilities. Worship to be lazy. In fact, his heart becomes stingy. Property which is collected so loved so reluctantly pulled out charity or tithe. The people as such rather be the slave of his own treasure.
Very fortunate the rich man who are able to control their wealth. Used to road kindness, love to give alms, tithe, pilgrimage, infak, sympathize orphans and etc. More and more his property the more often too he grateful to God. Worship too became more diligent. The people as such realize that if property acquired solely because mercy of God thus be used as appropriate.Islam forbids the human in particular Muslims hav, excessive nature and mubadzir nature and Islam invite the human to enough nature or balanced in all respects.
But Islam justify the human to enjoy the goodness of the world. This principle in contrast with the system monkhood (pastoral) of Christian, Manuisme of Parsi, Sufism of Brahma, and other systems which views the world are cynical.
(Koran Surah Al-Furqan : 67)
Property according to the view of Islam is a virtue and is not an evil.
People who are weak in faith and unbelievers will judge his property with the calculation of mathematics. They simply use logic his wits. In fact, the reason of man is not reaching science and the will of God. They thinking with behave miserly his property will durable and not reduced. Them hard work backbreaking. With the more diligently work wealth increasing. Finally, he was became very stingy. For with being miserly he was sure his property will preserved however if made for charity or expelled for charity according to the calculation of mathematics, his property will be reduced.

The Most Valuable Treasure Is The Faith of Islam

Death surely will be experienced by all creatures of God including humans, rich man and poor man. The most precious treasure in this world and later will be taken dead is Faith of Islam. Meanwhile money, power, position, health and family are nothing more than part of the test life, a test for our faith. None of them who will follow and accompanied of man in the pit of the tomb later because they only deposit and should abandoned or do not taken dead. This stated in a few verses from the Qur’an, the following:
(Koran surah At-Taghaabun 14-15)
(Koran surah Al-Anfaal 28)
(Koran surah Ali Imron 186)
Money could sought through work, health could sought through thought patterns and a healthy lifestyle, family can look for from descent or if we have a lot of good friends. But, not so well by faith of Islam, he can not look he no too is derived (inheritance) through for flesh and blood, he could not be bought too does not depend of lifestyle, he is pure a gift from the creator.
When human lost money is poor becomes. If, health disturbed is sick. If, members of relatives / family died then sad and grieving. But, if our faith of Islam which is taken the world Hereafter the human will not can congratulations.

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