A religion should Built By Evidence And scripture texts owned and the behavior of the religion carrier. If religion is reason, then of course rubbed bottom of shoes more mainstream for rubbed than at the top. It is instead means eliminate reason, not therefore will however in religion which became in the religious principle is revelation then a healthy mind in understand scripture texts owned and the behavior of the carrier the religion. When his wits or understanding is well then his opinion too is well. However, when his wits or his understanding was bad or damaged then is can certainly his opinion too is bad.

Trinity is a faith doctrine of Christians who thought recognizes Monotheism, but present Three Persons: God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in which the three is the same in essence, the same in position, as in his power, and equal in glory.
There is stating that the doctrine to borrow the concept of pre-Christian on a trinity of divine which is understood by Plato.

Trinity the first time comes from India namely Hinduism, which introduced three God: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Then followed Egypt: Osiris / Isis / Horus. Then Persia, Ormuzd / Ahriman / Mithra. Meanwhile Neoplatonic philosoph teaching Trinity: Ultimate Reality (origin Reality, God) – Intelligent (Reason, science, logos) – World Soul (Spirit). And finally here the precursor birth the Trinity in the Christian.

Because, philosophy and intelligence which they have Greeks think their knowledge may synchronized with God. Like there in the Gospel John 1:1
”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was fully God.”
Thus from the Trinity of Platonic can be taken conclusions as follows:
1. Ultimate Reality (origin Reality), is considered as beginning from the truth, namely God.
2. Intelligent (Logos science sense), is considered as the embodiment the truth, that (Jesus).
3. World Soul (spirit), is considered as way truth the in into within from brain of the human through, the spirit not body (holy spirit).
So, for Christians, the Word is mentioned as Jesus (The son) who equated with the Lord (God the Father).

Verse which sustains the Trinity just there is two in the Bible namely:
1. Gospel Matthew 28:19
In this verse does not exist the statement that Father, son and Holy Spirit is one that is simply commands baptize in the name of the Father, son and Holy Spirit.Moreover this verse is not original because if we reading all Matthew 28, we will find that the end of the Gospels, Matthew chapter 28 verse 15th which has the same words like end a reading.(Mat 28:15)2. Gospel 1 John 5:7-8
Sentences which are in parentheses in this verse is not original.  not original = false. if, the original why should be given the parentheses?
falsity of bible too recognized and expressed by:a. Indonesian Biblical Institute (LBI).”This section between brackets it is surely is not original” (Indonesia Biblical Institute, the sacred book of the New Testament Th 1977/1978, p.. 551).The Statement Indonesia Biblical Institute (LBI) is indirectly recognize that the Gospel which held by the Christians at this time indeed is not original, and any mixed from hand of humans.b. Drs. M. E. Duyverman”According the oldest copy the path of the sentence is this: Because three became witnesses namely spirit, water and blood … ….” (Mentor into the New Testament, CPC, Jakarta p. 1966. 145) .c. Bible New International Version:”The oldest manuscript from the manuscript of the Vulgate [in heaven: the Father, the Word, and Holy Spirit, and the three is one. And, no three who gave testimony on earth]. No it was found before the century 16th”. (Zondervan Publishing House. The Holy Bible New International Version. Michigan, 1994, p. 1242).So, it has been proven now that the Trinity is a doctrine made-up by church which does not have the value of truth and has been proven that The bible now is not authentic/original.

1. If Jesus is the Word of God incarnate became man. Why God still says (said) to Jesus? “(John 17: 8). According to this verse, Allah convey word to Jesus for delivered to his disciples. Clearly that God do not incarnate became Jesus. If, God incarnate being Jesus should God do not need again say to Jesus. At the end of the verse mentioned that God was sent Jesus. This adds to the evidence that Jesus is not the incarnation of God. If God was incarnated become Jesus, of course God will not send Jesus, is not ?
2. If Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God (the same two actors), Why the Bible to position both as a different person one another? The proof God was sent the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). This fact, confirm that the Holy Spirit is not an incarnation of God. Because, God who sent different (is not equal) with the Holy Spirit who were sent by him. Both of them is not the same person. And, if the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God (two same persons), then to God which again the Holy Spirit pray? According to the Bible, the Spirit have prayed to God (Romans 8:26), and of those who blaspheme God still can be forgiven but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit can not be forgiven (Mark 3:28-29) . two this fact too affirm that God in contrast with the Holy Spirit.
3. Gospel Matthew 28:19, which is used as, the argument of the Trinity is a false clause. The validity of this verse undoubtedly by many theologians, because the Gospel Matthew chapter 28th, should over through on verse 15th. Meanwhile, five the next verse namely Matthew 28:16-20 is the inserts verses which are added by the Church at a later date. If, read be carefully then look clearly that verse 15th is the cover of the Gospel Matthew chapter 28th. Hugh J. Schonfield, nominees of winners of the Nobel Prize in 1959 provides a very sharp comments :
“This [Matthew 28: 15] would appear to be the end of the Gospel (of Matthew). What follows [Matthew 28: 16-20] from the nature of what is said, would then be a latter addition” (The Original New Testament, 1998, page. 124). (The text [Matthew 28: 15] appeared as the closure of the Gospel Matthew. Thus the next verses [Matthew 28: 16-20] the content of its contents it seems as new verses which are added later).
4. 1 John 5:7 which is used as the support of the Trinity too is not the word of God, but rather the spurious verse. Renowned theologian Charles C. Ryrie in his book Basic Theology I page 70, mentions this verse is not a part of the original text of Scripture. Theologian Dr. Herbert W. Armstrong, explained that this verse added into the Bible edition the Latin Vulgate when it has occurred the hot controversy between Rome, Arius and the people of God. Research from two prominent theologian Edward Gibbon and Richard Porson, together agree that verse 1 John 5:7, the first time included by the Church into the Bible the year 400 AD (Secrets of Mount Sinai, James Bentley, p.. 30-33). Because the strong the evidence of forgery then verse 1 John 5:7, censored from the English Bible such as: The Revised Standard Version, The New Revised Standard Version, The New American Standard Bible, The New English Bible, The Philips Modern English Bible, and etc.
5. Matthew 28:18: This verse has said: “To me has been given all authority in heaven and on earth”. In scripture of any religion never we find God was granted anything except in Bible. Humans may not give blind side to God for each which had blind side certainly is not the Lord. If, the Lord have blind side, what is difference God with his creatures? If Jesus is the Lord, will not perhaps God was given something. The properties are weak like it is the nature of his creatures is not the nature of God. This verse, in fact precisely to give a proof that Jesus is not God. That God is who has given power, namely Allah. If, still there is another God who has given power to Jesus meaning God is more than one. God where else which provides power to Jesus, if jesus is God? In Logic, the trinity is unreasonable because: Everyone who claimed provided something by God, certainly is not God! Jesus admitted granted something by God, then Jesus is not God.
6. And Many more.

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