Islam Restrict Women Or Sets Women Featured His life Being Good, prosper, and Happy in the world and afterlife ?

This is one the doctrine which has been often crammed the pagans who were hostile to Islam, They voicing women’s liberation, but beyond that they like make women as his lust object, they want free enjoys the beauty of female with first lowering their dignity, they wanted spoil woman who steadfast his religion in order to like show his genitals, like wear skimpy clothes so show breasts in public as they have destroyed their women.

Look women in western countries although there that look reach high position and respected such as manager, but mostly they used as trade objects to have to sell their honor, trimmer motors and car in race, decorating merchandise, polishing ads in various media information, etc. Their women required for a career though that instead their obligations thus abandoned their duty to take care of and educating his son as next generation. Furthermore the corrupted the order of life of their communities. Do not stop here they too want us women being damaged as well as their women destroyed born-inner and among the initial step leading to it is to invite our women – with a variety of ways-so like out of their homes.

Try it look piece confessions Westerners themselves about for the destruction the order of their societies the following:

Lord Byron: “I wish dear readers will see the situation of the woman at the time of the ancient Greeks, of course you be found them in conditions are imposed and disaccord nature and of course you will be, agree with me about necessity busy woman with the tasks in the home, coupled with improved nutrition and clothes and of necessity forbid they are to interfere with another man “.

Samuel Smills: “Really the rules which have ladies for a career in places of work though plenty produce wealth for the country but ultimately it destroying home life because it is damage household structure break down family joints and pushed social relations because it is obviously going away the wife of her husband and away her children from her relatives until at under certain circumstances there are no results except humble moral woman because her real task is take care household duties … “.

See how they are objective recognize bad outcome from the release of women from home for a career … Indeed, Islam is the rules and most appropriate Shari’a for the people rule it is not it to curb but to set up the way human life to repair and happiness the world and the hereafter … Islam and its adherents like therapy and in the human body Islam going improve circumstances adherents as it therapies will repair the human body … Islam, and its adherents like the Act and the population of a country, Islam organize and discipline human life as it were the law too aimed so …

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